T-Shirt Refashion

Take a unisex tee from boxy to foxy! I have a bunch of great logo tee-shirts but they’re cut for men and I don’t like the way they fit, so today I’m going to show you how to mod your t-shirts into a flattering shape that you’ll actually wear, using a serger.

Supplies and tools:

Read on for the complete tutorial.


Hacking the Brother KH-930e knitting machine

Limor “Ladyada” Fried and I just finished up a extensive tutorial on hacking the Brother KH-930e knitting machine. We show you how to make your own cable for interfacing with the machine, then how to use it to put custom patterns on the machine without entering them by hand, as I had been doing previously (one excruciating pixel at a time). I made the above tessellating adafruits fabric and the dithering experiment below.

Have questions? Don’t ask them here or send me email, ask in the adafruit forum.


Sock Zombies!

A while back for my birthday, Sarah Hatton made me a “sock zombie” plush toy from whatever she had laying around… a tube sock, some red thread, sewing machine bobbins, and some eyeshadow. I made it into a tutorial video for CRAFT’s Halloween series this year.

Filmed less than a week after my invasive knee surgery (pics), here’s a behind-the-scenes pic by Brian Redbeard.

Firefox Necklace

My favorite browser, in 18ga. Sterling silver, video for CRAFT. To get the foxy template, check out Tobi Leingruber’s Foxbling on Thingiverse.

I used rubber cement to affix the template to a piece of 18ga. silver sheet, and used a small saw to cut out the shape on top of a jewelry maker’s bench pin, which is that fork-shaped wooden surface you see in the video. Finish it up with files and a lot of sanding using a flex shaft and slotted mandrel. The same flex shaft can be fitted with any number of tools, like the tiny drill bit I used to drill the pendant’s jumpring hole. I got most of the tools and supplies for this project from Rio Grande, who also buys back my scrap metal.

Machine-Knit Bags

I can’t stop iterating color combinations on my knitting machine! These drawstring bags are padded to house fragile things like potions, cameras, and other inventory.

Available on Etsy or Makers Market. Custom orders welcome!

All patterns by Nathan Rosenquist.

Hydroponic Herb Garden

I set up a hydroponic herb garden for my latest CRAFT Video, and had blast doing so. It’s fun and just my kind of geeky to maintain the proper pH and nutrient levels, all the while nomming delicious home-grown herbs. I had a bit of a scare with my arugula at first (it went into shock from the transplanting), but it’s all good now. Lots of pictures are on my Flickr, and don’t forget to go check out the video and the herb risotto recipe I made to go along with it.



Thanks to Nathan for filming, helping, and taking most of the photos. Thanks to my friends at General Hydroponics for their advice and guidance!