Emission Spectra Scarves

These Emission Spectra Scarves are lovingly machine-knit from black and colored 100% cotton yarn. They measure about 6.5 feet long and 7 inches wide.

Pictured above is Limor (Ladyada) Fried wearing Silicon and Matt Mechtley sporting a custom quasar.

More photos at my photoset and adafruit’s Flickr.

This scarf was originally Amanda Wozniak‘s idea.

Download patterns to make your own! Thanks to Bryn Davies for the Spectra Pattern Generator Python script. Patterns below are for machine knitting or teeny needles, but you can generate a pattern based on your knitting gauge at Bryn’s site.

Silicon [PDF]

Gold [PDF]

Manganese [PDF]

Mercury [PDF]

Iron [PDF]

Tungsten [PDF]

Uranium [PDF]

Molybdenum [paginated PDF | one long list PDF]

Lead [PDF]

Felt Control Panel

I’m working on some felt electronics, this time pushbuttons in addition to knobs. Moxie taught me how to needle felt, which makes it easier to form a dense defined shape than with wet felting. I first make little marshmallow-shaped cylinders, then bore a hole and insert the button or knob. A few more pics are at my Flickr.


The Iceberg

Cotton/Linen Yarn, Acrylic, Sterling Silver, MDF, Ice

This iceberg is made from cotton/linen yarn and then stiffened with acrylic. Inside is a polar bear made from ice which slowly melts down and out through the sterling silver drain on the sloped platform. The iceberg itself was made using a knotless netting technique.

Drain and Ice Bear inside Iceberg

The Iceberg

This photo is by Matt Mets. Check out more photos at my Flickr set.