Ring Holder Necklace

Today I’m sharing a quick and easy jewelry-making project- a necklace that holds your rings. It’s an easy way to keep my engagement ring safe while I’m working with something messy, or doing anything with tools where jewelry might be a safety concern.

It’s a fun optical illusion-like party trick to show friends that you can take the ring on and off of the holder without removing the chain.


Hug-sensing IoT Parihug toy (w Xyla Foxlin)

Here’s how to make your own telepresence hug toy. Each circuit connects to the Arduino IoT Cloud and translates your hug into a soothing vibration on the other toy. Xyla Foxlin originally developed this project as a crowdfunded product, and we collaborated to bring this DIY version to life.

To make this project, you will need 2x of each:

Plus these tools:

  • Soldering tools and supplies
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Penny’s Computer Watch

Today I’m sharing how I made a replica of Penny’s video watch from Inspector Gadget.

I 3D printed the case, buttons, and strap, and wired up the circuit using an Arduino Nicla Voice, which is available at Digi-Key.


Penny Cosplay (Inspector Gadget) Costume

After working on this project over the span of two years, It’s finally time to share my costume for Penny from Inspector Gadget. I made the wig, I made the computer book, I made the watch, I customized the clothes, and I put together a look for the Inspector. In this post, I’ll share how I built each element of this cosplay.


Making a T-Shirt Quilt

Tired of looking at all those old T-shirts in your closet? Are some of them too stained or worn to donate, and too precious to throw away? With a few supplies and a bit of time, you can turn them into a beautiful quilt that commemorates all your proudest moments.

Our guide for this do-it-yourself adventure is none other than my mom, a seasoned quilter. If you’re interested in having a quilt made by Bette, reach out on Facebook or by email.


LED Beaded Curtain

I built a flexible screen in the form of a beaded curtain encrusted with LEDs that I control remotely. I’ve had this project on my list for quite some time, and the idea is simple: run lots of LEDs in vertical strips, enough to form a curtain.


6 Easy DIY Craft Projects

I’m back with another roundup! This time, I’m sharing my 6 favorite DIY crafts projects! For those who have been following me for a while, some of these may look familiar. However, if you’re new to my blog, this is a perfect introduction to my crafting videos.