Tron Bag with EL Wire

Another successful Adafruit collaboration! Ladyada and I made this EL wire (electro-luminescent wire) tutorial video (on CRAFT) and Tron bag. Her EL photo tutorial is the best one on the ‘net, and this video really shows the (delicate) process of getting the soldering just right. You can get EL wire from the Adafruit shop.

PT, Limor and I went out in the cold wintery night in the financial district to shoot some glamour photos of the bag.

Tron-ified knee brace with EL wire

I had a little EL wire leftover so I Tron-ified my knee brace.

3 thoughts on “Tron Bag with EL Wire

  1. hey this is a great video and very helpfull, as i am currently hoping to do something similar….although i need to know if it is possible to attach 5-6 wires to one (or 2 at most) invertors. i would like to make this but with various wires…so if anyone knows the answer PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!

    1. Yeah, so long as the total length attached to each inverter doesn’t exceed its max. length. The full tutorial shows you how to make a Y-splitter.

  2. the spousal-unit got me a super geeky notebook bag for my birthday, (she painted WoW’s Horde and Alliance symbols over it), and i thought “it needs more geek!” I think I found my answer here! Thanks Becky

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