Oura Ring Teardown (Gen 3 and Gen 2)

I’m taking a look inside the Oura ring, a fitness tracker that looks like a piece of jewelry.

Oura’s tech focuses heavily on sleep tracking, which makes sense to me since it’s way more comfortable than any wristband I’ve tried.

It’s so teeny, and waterproof, I’m super curious about what’s inside. I set out to take apart both a Gen 2 and a Gen 3 Oura ring, as well as one charging base. I anticipated having trouble getting to see the actual circuit board up close, so before cracking at them with cutting tools, I sent them off to be CT scanned at a company called Lumafield. Their Neptune machine makes it easy to see inside 3D objects and explore the different materials that make them up, in a smaller and easier to use form factor than traditional CT scanners.

Thanks to David Cranor for lending his electrical engineering expertise.

Thanks to Digi-Key for sponsoring this video! Check out this project on Maker.io.

Tools used in this teardown:

Parts we could identify on the Gen 2 Oura ring:

ComponentManufacturer and part number
1Crystal Oscillator(unknown) AЯO9C
2Crystal Oscillator(unknown) T320 Px55
3Battery Management ICTexas Instruments BQ25120A
2x Green LED(unknown)
2x Photodiode(unknown)
Multi-chip LED – Red, Infrared(unknown)

Parts we could identify on the Gen 3 Oura ring:

ComponentManufacturer and part number
43.7V 16mAh Lithium Battery Grepow YE160723G
52x Photodiode(unknown)
62x Green LED(unknown)
7Multi-chip LED – Red, Infrared(unknown)

Parts we could identify on the charging base:

  • Crystal Resonator 13.5 A4L
  • Microcontroller
  • Flat Flex Connector

You can take a look at the CT scan of the Oura ring charging base on the Lumafield site (free account required).

Here’s an interesting Gen 2 Oura ring teardown by iFixit.

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