Amazon Halo Band Teardown

Welcome back for another gadget teardown. This time we’re taking a look at the Amazon Halo Band, a fitness tracker that also provides tone of voice analysis. I teamed up with David Cranor and Vanessa Hill/Braincraft on this one! I also have on to thank for all the reverse engineering in their own, more thorough teardown.

Thanks to Digi-Key for sponsoring this video!

Here’s a list of tools we used:

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ComponentManufacturer and part number
12x Analog MEMS MicrophoneDB Unlimited
22x i2c temperature sensorams Osram
3RGB LED(unknown)
4i2c LED DriverTexas Instruments
52x PhotodiodeVishay Semiconductors
or VEMD8081
6Green (530 nm), Red (655 nm) and Infrared (940 nm) Emitterams Osram
SFH 7016
7High luminous intensity Green LEDams Osram
CT DBLP31.12
86-Axis IMUTDK InvenSense
9Battery chargerTexas Instruments
9Serial NOR Flash Memory 256MBITMicron
9Optical Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate SensorAnalog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated
11Charging pins(unknown)
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