Homemade Robots Book Review

This is a quick review of my friend Randy Sarafan’s book, Homemade Robots: 10 Simple Bots to Build with Stuff Around the House.

I built several of the bots from the book– I’m credited as the technical reviewer.

Randy’s bots all use modified servos wired and mounted in clever ways to produce unique movements from easy-to-find household materials.

After removing the control boards, servos become just geared DC motors, capable of producing a lot of torque for their size, and eliminating the need for a microcontroller or coding of any kind. You’ll learn the basics of soldering and how to make this simple modification to the motors yourself, then apply them in 10 fun bots.

I only used six motors total and took apart some bots to build others. Most of them use zip ties or nuts and bolts to hold everything together.

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