12 thoughts on “Embroidered MRI slices

  1. Holy cow — this is amazing. As an art therapist who works in a hospital setting, this one just SINGS to me. I love it! What a way to connect life’s dots!

  2. Fantastic job, I love the textures you brought out in it. A few more and you can make an embroidered flip book that scans through your knee. BTW, where is the broken bit?

  3. That is brilliant! I think you should totally branch out and do more body parts- the heart or liver perhaps? Bicep? Glutes?

    I’d love to see one of those designs done on a cushion cover or towels or something. great job!

  4. That is knee-t-o!!! (not counting needing an MRI in the first place; hope you are ok now).

    I like someone’s idea of the flip book . . . . just blogged about this, briefly! I love the juxtaposition!!

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