Copper Band-Aid

Copper Band-Aid

I’m taking an introductory metalworking class, and for our first sample project I made this copper Band-Aid. I formed the strip on a hydraulic press (read: car jack in a steel frame) sandwiched between layers of acrylic (bottom) and flexible urethane (top). The pad is textured by running it through a roller against some window screen, then I applied a water-based white patina. The overall texture of the strip is hammered and buffed. It’s about seven inches long. I’m excited to learn more about metalworking.

4 thoughts on “Copper Band-Aid

  1. ooo becky, you’re making me jealous. i wanna take a metalworking class! =) awesome band-aid, btw. but inquring minds want to know: why a metal band aid?

  2. Hey Becky, did you know that copper also has germ fighting properties all on its own? Ancient soldiers would plunge their copper swords back into wounds for as long as they could stand it to help dis-infect the puncture or gash. Nice band-aid.

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