TV-B-Gone Hoodie

Whenever I bring my TV-B-Gone out to restaurants, I always look real suspicious holding it up and pointing it around, so I’ve been looking for a more subtle and dinner-appropriate solution. I got zippered hoodie sweatshirt from the thrift store which had a convenient logo on the upper left front, complete with rhinestones! I thought the IR LEDs would blend in quite nicely, so I stitched it into the sweatshirt. The batteries are in the pocket. I broke out the pushbutton leads and used conductive thread to sew paths to the edge of the zipper, which has a metal pull. I made two little pads with the thread that are bridged by the zipper pull when it passes by, so all I have to do is zip the sweatshirt up or down to activate the TV turning-off action. Works great! I made an instructable for this project so you can see how to make your own. You can also view the full set on Flickr.

You can buy my LED sewing kit (whose parts can be used to make one).

Hoodie TV-B-Gone

TV-B-Gone Hoodie Schematic

5 thoughts on “TV-B-Gone Hoodie

  1. hey Becky ,
    marvelous invention !!! it brought a smile to my face and got me a thinking , i gotta get one of those little gadgets : )
    i saw your thing on instructables , what about something that will turn the tv’s off forever : )
    ps check out orgonite , its magic stuff !!! read about it at etheric warriors . ( one good turn deserves another )

  2. Spiffy! If you had a video showing the hoodie in action, that would be even better!

  3. This is awesome! I’m new to the TVBG and have just started to discover the awesomeness of this gadget, but I am so not ninja-stealthy. I am getting some cool ideas for this.

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