Felt Knobs

I took basic knobs and felted around them with wool roving (in the washing machine and by hand), then detailed them with embroidery floss. Custom orders welcome!

Felted Knob - "King Kamehameha" Vintage Felted Knob - "King Kamehameha"

King Kamehameha

Felted knob - "The Professor"Felted knob - "The Professor"

The Professor

Felted knob - "Berry Pie"Felted knob - "Berry Pie"
Berry Pie

Felted knob - "Rosebud"Felted knob - "Rosebud"


Felted knob - "Ziggy Starknob"Felted knob - "Ziggy Starknob"

Ziggy Starknob

Felted knob - "Peaches & Cream"Felted knob - "Peaches & Cream"

Peaches and Cream