Big List of Women Makers on YouTube

In no particular order! Please suggest more additions!

27 thoughts on “Big List of Women Makers on YouTube

  1. Can’t find Lindsay Murphy (Metal+++) @lindsay_creative on the list!
    And my friend Jannik Abel (wood/photo/graphics) @jannikabel is a must.
    Well done with this list Becky!
    Hans g

    1. I follow Lindsay but don’t think she posts to YouTube, same for Jannik, do you have links to their channels? I’m adding anyone who has a youtube channel with making, updated in the last year.

  2. Here are some who do not appear to be in the list: Anika’s DIY Life, Beauty and the Bolt, BrendaEM, CaitlinV3, Draw Curiosity, Home With Stefani, ISPYDIY, Jamie Costiglio, Jennelle Eliana, Kathy Love Physics & History, katkimshow, Kim Tippin Wood Turning, L Making, Living to DIY with Rachel Metz, Maker Melissa’s Lab, Ms Mad Lemon, Nerdphilia, Physics Girl, Ria Jairam, Rinoa’s Auspicious Travails, SparkyFace5, TastyPC, TheHappieCat, Up and Atom.

    I suggest sorting the list in some way that makes sense such as alphabetical order so that it would be easy to see who’s already there.

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