Third Hand from Hobby Creek Review

It’s time for another tool review for you. This time I want to talk up the third hand tool from Hobby Creek. They’re excellent for holding electronics boards and components for soldering, but I also use it for jewelry making sometimes. I’ve heard they’re great for making fly fishing lures as well.

The biggest advantages these have over the cheapo ones folks normally buy are the wide, sturdy aluminum base and long, posable arms. The whole thing is very high quality, right down to the alligator clips.

As a beginner, I remember being so frustrated with the default version of this tool. Over time I learned hacks to improve it, but it never felt great to use a third-hand tool until I met this one.

It’s a brilliant product on a few different levels. I love how the arms are reminiscent of, and may very well in fact be, the arms used to position a stream of circulating cutting lubricant like on a horizontal band saw. The milled base can support multiple arm configurations and also be bolted down if desired.

I mostly use two arms at a time, but the other ones come in handy for bigger or more complex projects.

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