Hakko Wire Strippers Review

Many pairs of wire strippers have come and gone in my life, but these wire strippers by Hakko has remained throughout. They’ve stayed sharp over years of frequent use, and this flared part of the handle makes them a joy to hold and use.

The rubber grips have a powder mixed into the rubber to give them a sturdy, really nice feeling grip, even if your hands are slippery with motor oil.

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This pair strips wire from 20-30 gauge, but they come in other ranges as well. They have a little metal tab to keep them locked shut since they are spring-loaded. The labels on the handles are actually laser-etched, which I think is pretty fun. We also learn from them that this tool was made in Italy.
I know the Hakko flush cutters usually get all of the attention, and they’re great, but it’s worth considering the strippers as more than just their sidekick! These are an essential part of my soldering setup.

These wire strippers are just as at home working on electronics and robotics as they are on cars and motorcycles. They have a little grippy bit at the very end, which is great for squishing down on hot heat-shrink tubing and crimp beads.

These wire strippers may look a lot like their cheapo counterparts, but they perform much better. The steel is harder and therefore stays sharper, the spring is sturdier, and the blades are kept in tight alignment by the center pivot. In short, they’re a pleasure to use and you should know that pleasure if you get the chance. It’s one of those things that if you’re new to stripping wires and using a dull tool, you might just think you’re bad at it. Starting out with a good tool can help build confidence in your skills.

Projects where you can see me use this knife:

Hakko Wire Strippers
Steel, plastic, rubber
Made in Italy

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