Motorcycle Gear Gift Guide

As many of you who know me know: I am all about the gear. Using the right equipment for the job is one of my favorite things to do, whether it’s knitting, electronics, or motorcycles. Here’s a list of the best gifts for the motorcycle rider on your list. Got a suggestion to add? Leave it in the comments! Read on for the full list.

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Helmet Intercom

In my opinion, motorcycling is a lot more fun when you can listen to your GPS directions, or your riding partner, from inside your helmet. I have been very happy with both the Sena headsets I’ve owned (I have one in each of two helmets): the Sena 20S EVO headset and SMH10R headset.

Especially for: new riders, long distance riders
Might not appeal to: loners, technophobes

RAM Mounts Handlebar Phone Holder

Sometimes the GPS gets confused about what road level I’m on, usually the difference between a highway and an access road. This can be incredibly confusing if you are only able to listen to the directions, so seeing them on your phone screen is very helpful for unfamiliar areas. It’s also convenient to be able to easily change your music playlist at a stoplight. RAM is a trusted maker of these phone mounts, so you know it won’t drop your device. I like the articulated model RAM Mounts with X-Grip and U-Bolt Base.

Especially for: long rides, big cities
Might not appeal to: purists

Kryptonite Locks

Nobody wants their bike to get stolen. Give the gift of security! Bikes with holes in their brake disc can use the Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock, like I do on my Vespa. It won’t save a bike from a thief with a furniture dolly, though. For that, you’ll need to lock it to something sturdy, bolted or cemented into the ground, like a metal tree skirt, lamp post, floor anchor, etc. For this I like the Kryptonite New York Noose, which is long enough to reach your back tire from the sidewalk.

Especially for: folks who park their bike on the street
Might not appeal to: folks with a garage, rural bike owners

MotoStuka Shanks Gloves

I own these gloves and I love them. My dog loves them so much, she ate one once. I immediately replaced them with a new pair. The leather is so soft and they are easy to put on and take off. And they look great with all bikes and riders, old and new. Get your loved one a pair of MotoStuka “Shanks” riding gloves, handmade in Texas USA.

Especially for: vintage lovers, class acts
Might not appeal to: riders who want armored gloves

PB Blaster Penetrating Oil

PB Blaster is the best thing for stuck bolts or really anything corroded and stuck. Folks in the know use this for far more applications than WD-40 (In fact WD-40 makes a less-effective competing product called “Rust Release Penetrant Spray”). Anybody who does their own routine bike work would love to receive this workbench staple as a gift.

Especially for: folks who do their own maintenance, vintage lovers
Might not appeal to: folks with brand new bikes and dealership maintenance service

Tobacco Motorwear Riding Jeans

A good pair of riding jeans should last a long time and help keep you safe. I’ve been a fan of Tobacco Motorwear riding jeans since they released their women’s line. Lined with Kevlar, these jeans can take a spill and protect you from road rash as well as any protective pants on the market. If you don’t know their size, get the rider in your life a gift card to his Made-in-USA brands e-store.

Especially for: commuters, everyday riders
Might not appeal to: high-speed riders (these pants aren’t designed to work with slide-in hip or knee pads)

TCX Shoes

For safety gear to actually get worn, it has to be practical for the rider’s habits. That’s why I love my TCX waterproof and protective motorcycle shoes, which wear very much like a sneaker or casual boot. The style can appeal to both men and women and I can attest to their comfort, waterproofness, and longevity.

Especially for: commuters, everyday riding
Might not appeal to: hot weather riders

GoPro HERO Session Camera

A GoPro camera mounted on a rider’s helmet or dashboard not only captures beautiful rides, but can be cheap insurance in the case of an accident. The GoPro HERO Session camera is compact and square, which makes it super easy to mount in different positions on a helmet. And the body of the camera is waterproof, so no case is needed, just a cage and helmet mount.

Especially for: burgeoning motovloggers, nervous nellies
Might not appeal to: purists, technophobes

Fuel Stabilizer

Lucky you if you live in California, Florida, Texas, or any other place where riding happens all year round. But where I’m from, we have this thing called winter, and it’s not fun (nor safe) to ride when it’s below freezing outside. But since gasoline can go bad in a matter of weeks, fuel stabilizer is necessary to keep the gas from wreaking havoc on your dormant motorcycle.

Especially for: seasonal storage
Might not appeal to: riders in places where it’s warm all winter

Mission Workshop Weatherproof Backpack

Mission Workshop makes high-quality and weatherproof backpacks, right here in the USA. I’ve had mine for more than four years now, and it shows no signs of quitting on me anytime soon. Any motorcyclist who faces sudden showers would love one of these for keeping their laptop, or anything else, perfectly dry.

Especially for: commuters
Might not appeal to: riders in dry climates

Thanks for reading! You can browse more of my favorite motorcycle products on my Amazon storefront.

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