New Position at Adafruit

I’m ecstatic to announce my new position at Adafruit Industries, heading up the wearable electronics group. It feels great to finally be able to tell you all about my new chapter starting today. Here’s my farewell post on MAKE with a little recap of my greatest hits in the four years I made CRAFT videos, blogged my socks off, and co-hosted Make: Live.

I made a little VHX playlist, the soundtrack to rocking my transition. See y’all around the web!

3 thoughts on “New Position at Adafruit

  1. Congratulations Becky. This could be the start of something revolutionary! It’s exciting to hear of Adafruit’s commitment to wearable electronics by adding you to the team.

    One thing on my wish list is a well designed and good looking battery storage (belt?) that can handle higher loads than a few LED’s. With an integrated charging system.

    If not on your todo list, no problemo…I’m sure I can come up with something that works…but my projects usually don’t look good.

    I can’t wait to be able to pick the ‘fruits’ of your collaboration. I’ll be watching and waiting to add something interesting to the shopping cart. 🙂

  2. Congrats onthe new job, though i must say we, your faithful viewers will be very sad to see you leave the podcast. You are distilled creative excellence!
    Hope your new work is even more rewarding… Does Adafruit have a podcast..yet?

    Thanks for all the inspiration,

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