Suits for Wall Street

On Saturday, October 15 2011, the Proper Business Attire Working Group distributed free business suits to Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Liberty Park in NYC’s financial district. I performed alterations on ill-fitting hems while hairs were trimmed and ties selected. We suited about 120 men and women.

We all look great in suits. To reporters, to workers, to skeptical tourists, we’ll look like people to listen to, or, at the very least, to hear out. Lazy journalists won’t be able to take the easy, dismissive out, and will have to actually listen to what we are saying. The conversation will grow out of the protester echo chamber and into the wider world, where it belongs.

Suits are tactical camouflage in the warrens of Wall Street. And there are other advantages. Need a bathroom? Try wearing a suit. It’s easy. Want to walk past a police barricade? Put on a suit.

Photos by Max Cohn
(with many more available).

1 thought on “Suits for Wall Street

  1. Brilliant! Thank you, Becky, for bringing us this information via Craft (which is my wake-up read with coffee). I have long been extolling the benefits of a professional or even simple “uniform” in situations where appearance can distract. What these people have to say is so important and they need to be HEARD and listened to. Take away the distractions of statement tshirts, cool accessories, etc.. and they have a better shot at being heard. Love it!!

    I have always subscribed to the notion that there is a time and place for everything. Unfortunately there are too many people in this world that are close minded and judgmental and can’t see – or don’t want to see – behind the outside “stuff”. I am raiding my husband’s closet later to find some suits! All those cleaned up, nice looking guys are going to make an impact (and then put the Docs and t’s on after!) Kudos!

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