Plush Femur

I made this large-scale model of my femur in plush. I used pictures from inside my knee during surgery and looked at anatomy pictures to get the shape. I had a flap of cartilage that had to be removed, then the doc drilled little holes in the underlying bone to stimulate scar tissue growth for padding in the area. The object is surprisingly cuddly. Materials: fuzzy polyester fur, fleece.
Plush Femur

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  1. Hey I had that surgery as well. Do you have osteochondritis dissecans? That’s what I’ve got (and have had for about 15 years). The surgery did no good for me, and they eventually had to go in and remove the cartilage flap as well as a large chunk of bone that had just up and died. So, I have a giant crater in the end of my femur.

  2. Becky your work is awesome! If you are looking for a place to show work you might try these two links. The first is for the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, and the second is for a show at the Smithsonian (though entry into that one is limited to people with a disability and I don’t know if that applies to you)

    Best of luck and keep making work!

  3. I think I said this before, but as an art therapist who works at a hospital, I simply LOVE it that you are working through your physical symptoms in an external, crafty, 3-d and plushy way. Very cool and thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! (I have a repaired ACL on one leg, and the doc took an ice pick to the ends of the bones to try to get the damaged cartilage to grow back…)

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