Vicodin Earrings

When I had knee surgery I was prescribed Vicodin, but soon found out that it makes me very ill, so I couldn’t take it. I’m trying to use it in my art, and my first try is these tablet earrings. I’m going to either coat them in shellac or resin so that they don’t crumble; they’re very chalky and fragile. I wore nitrile gloves and a dust mask while drilling through and constructing them.

13 thoughts on “Vicodin Earrings

  1. I suppose you wear them yourself if the med was prescribed for you. However, several laws are broken if you give them away, sell them, or get them from someone else and wear them.

    In any event what’s the point? It’s a pill with a hole in it.

  2. You should call ’em “earaches”.
    For a while I was on a kick making earrings out of cereal and candy. I used a 2 part resin that I got at the hardware store to coat them. That seemed to work best. Coating with shellac and other water-based things tended to dissolve them.
    very cool.

  3. These are hysterical – I love ’em! I can’t think of a better use for killer pain killers!! and I love a mind that won’t let anything go to waste 🙂

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  5. anybody who asks “what’s the point?” in response to art needs a primer in what art is.

    i’m curious as to how you got the holes in the pills without them breaking? very interesting, very simple, hard to miss 😉

  6. Love ’em! just the kinda weird and wonderful style of earrings I’m looking for. How easy was the drilling? Love all the comments concerning themselves with the legalities – people, its fashion – anything goes!!!

  7. Is ‘Papagun’ really serious when he says, “In any event what’s the point? It’s a pill with a hole in it.” ?

    Wow, I cannot believe in this day and age that someone can be so ignorant of what art is. ‘Amandaw’ is right, Papagun, you really do need a primer in art is. (Do you also need us to define what a “primer” is for you?)

    Becky Stern, this is a very ingenious, creative and excellent piece of art. Keep up the good work! As a fellow artist, I’d like to see more artwork in this style, and highlighting our generation’s addictions.

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