Twitchie Scorpion

I made a robotic toy scorpion in 2008. Here’s a video about it! Originally posted on MAKE.

I made this scorpion toy with a Twitchie Robot Kit. I’m really afraid of scorpions where I live in Arizona, so I thought a friendly toy would help me get used to them. I made his plush body from some fabric I had around, aiming to make him look like an Arizona bark scorpion, which are tan/yellowish/translucent.

Music is “At the Crack of Noon” by Shuutobi

1 thought on “Twitchie Scorpion

  1. SWEET!!! I like how unpredictably the wooden one moves on the table. Have you made any miniaturized versions … or oppositely, how large could you make one of those?

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