LilyPad Embroidery

LilyPad Embroidery: A Tribute to Leah Buechley

Floss, electronics, conductive thread, custom software

I’ve been working with Leah Buechley’s LilyPad Arduino, and in true embroidery sampler fashion, have composed this circuit to see what I could do. The embroidery uses traditional floss and techniques mixed with lights and sounds generated by the onboard software. The amount of light sensed by the sensor changes the speed and pitch of the lights and sounds generated. Move your shadow or hand over it to experience the changes.

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1 thought on “LilyPad Embroidery

  1. I came here via a friend’s blog on xanga. I really dig this idea! I do a lot of hand embroidery myself, but haven’t ever incorporated technology. I have thought about it as I am kind of a technophile myself. It’s cool to see some implementation. I’m glad you’re having some success with it. Maybe I’d do more shows with my embroidery if I didn’t make it so insanely labor intensive. I like the informality and approachability of your work. I also saw the embroidery you did of your knee – very very cool concept. Thanks for the inspiration!

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