Hacked Date Stamp

I bought one of those librarian’s date stamps a while ago from Staples. I use it to date my projects and other things; it’s fun. There was one problem, though. The date it could stamp was in MONTH-DAY-YEAR format, as in “NOV 05 2007.” Using computers, I find it organizationally beneficial to label dated files and folders in a YYYY-MM-DD format, as in “2007-11-05,” and wished my stamp reflected this general-to-specific date format outlined by the ISO 8601 guidelines. So I changed the order of the loops, and photo-documented this easy hack. Link to Flickr set.

ahh, that's better!

Take the loops out of the frame


2 thoughts on “Hacked Date Stamp

  1. I recently did this with all of my photo folders. I only had 2006 & 2007 to do but it is soooo much easier to find things now. I love how you changed the “real life” stamp too. 🙂

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