Vicodin Ring

Vicodin Ring

In Case of Emergency
Sterling Silver, Vicodin

To go with my Vicodin earrings, here’s a ring with a bezel-set pill instead of a stone.

Vicodin Ring and Pendant

This photo is by Victoria Altepeter.

LilyPad Arduino 101

Get started with the LilyPad Arduino! It’s a sewable microcontroller that lets you embed lights, sounds, sensors, and much more into your wearables, perfect for clothing and accessories. In this video I’ll show you how to attach the LilyPad and power supply to each other, and upload a basic program that blinks an LED. You can use Arduino with Windows, OS X, and Linux. Next time I’ll show some more advanced topics including hooking up a sensor and using it to change the circuit’s behavior.

Plush Knee

my knee sculpture and video

Ouch, My Femoral Condyle!
Synthetic Fiber and Batting, Steel Stand, DVD Video

I’ve completed the plush model of my knee working from my MRI and arthroscopy images, plus anatomical illustrations I found online. It’s capable of dislocating, just like my real knee, and uses elastic to make the ligaments stretch when the joint is bent. It’s my best soft sculpture yet. Still no fibula. The title is “Ouch, my Femoral Condyle,” after the place on my femur where the cartilage was torn.

I made a video to be displayed with the knee, which is a combination of video shots of my knee dislocating combined with MRI animations and arthroscopy stills. Warning: I’ve been told it’s not for the squeamish.

Plush Knee

Related project: Embroidered MRI Slices

Machine-Knitted QR Code Scarf

Turn a 2D barcode into a knitted scarf! Originally posted to CRAFT.

This is a fun way to get information from a garment into an electronic device, such as a cell phone equipped with a barcode-scanning camera. Anyone who takes a picture of my scarf can decode the message. I used Photoshop to modify the QR code I got from Kaywa (whose barcode scarf inspired me to make my own!) into a usable knitting pattern, but you could easily use graph paper instead. I programmed the pattern into my computerized knitting machine, a Brother KH 930. If you know how to do stranded knitting, you can knit this without a machine – just use really small needles!

Plush Femur

I made this large-scale model of my femur in plush. I used pictures from inside my knee during surgery and looked at anatomy pictures to get the shape. I had a flap of cartilage that had to be removed, then the doc drilled little holes in the underlying bone to stimulate scar tissue growth for padding in the area. The object is surprisingly cuddly. Materials: fuzzy polyester fur, fleece.
Plush Femur

Artificial Sweetener Tablecloth

Sweetener packets in progress

I constructed this tablecloth from artificial sweetener packets and packing tape. I made the underlying tablecloth, too, then topped the whole thing with a protective (and even more artificial) layer of vinyl. I’m having trouble coming up with a title for this piece. So far I’ve got “You’re Sweet Enough Already,” do you have any suggestions?

Vicodin Earrings

When I had knee surgery I was prescribed Vicodin, but soon found out that it makes me very ill, so I couldn’t take it. I’m trying to use it in my art, and my first try is these tablet earrings. I’m going to either coat them in shellac or resin so that they don’t crumble; they’re very chalky and fragile. I wore nitrile gloves and a dust mask while drilling through and constructing them.