YarnCraft podcast

At Maker Faire in May I was interviewed by Zontee from Lion Brand’s YarnCraft podcast. You can listen to it; it also features fellow Phoenician Kathy Cano-Murillo and fellow CRAFT blogger (and editor, and well, my boss) Natalie Zee Drieu. They’ve politely timestamped it so you can listen to just my 15 seconds of fame, if you’d like.

Needlework URLs

I make wall hangings of URLs. I’ll make one for you, if you’d like!

Craft URL embroidery

Sternlab cross stitch

New CAPTCHA paintings

CAPTCHA painting

CAPTCHA painting

CAPTCHA painting

I’ve been working on a few new CAPTCHA paintings. If you remember, CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) images are used to thwart internet bots from creating accounts or posting spam. I collect particularly attractive CAPTCHA images, then recreate them in acrylic. These three new ones are for sale at my Etsy shop.

First Amp

Painted the grill holes

Lift the lid

I made this audio amplifier from the Little Gem Mk II circuit, and housed it in this box I found at a thrift store. It has a little drawer at the bottom that I’ll use for accessories.



Alex’s parents AND grandparents have lemon trees, which at this point in the year (ok, most of the year) make WAY too many lemons. The challenge: find recipes that use a lot of lemons. For a while I was making lemon bars, and while very delicious, only use 1.5 lemons (zest and juice). Well, yesterday I made a batch of lemonade, and it used FOUR lemons. Here’s the recipe:

Juice of 3 lemons (I roll them on the counter a bit to loosen the juices inside)
1 lemon, sliced and ends discarded (make sure to wash this one, as the slices go in the lemonade)
cold, filtered water
about 1/2 cup hot water
about 1/2 cup sugar

Make a simple syrup with the hot water and sugar: stick the water and sugar on the stove and stir until the sugar dissolves. You can add more sugar if you like, until it no longer stays in solution. Mix all ingredients in a pitcher and fill to the top with cold water, adjust sugar content to taste by adding less or more simple syrup. Add ice if you want to serve it right away.

VizProto Class

VizProto (3D Visualization and Rapid Prototyping) Class (class website)

Instructors: Dan Collins and Arius Elvikis

Spring 2008, Arizona State University

This is a studio about computer visualization, modeling, and rapid prototyping in an interdisciplinary manner.

Projects will include:

A. Benchmarks
-3D Laser Scanning
2008-01-30: Sarah Hatton and I scanned a pincushion and a ball of yarn.
Laser Scanning
the resulting pincushion model

Laser Scanning
The resulting yarn model

-3D Modeling
2008-01-29: I did my first Rhino tutorial: a flashlight.

My first 3D model

-Rapid Prototyping
3D printed ring

B. Team Projects
-Data Capture
Presentation on Low-tech spacial data capture with Alex Schlegeldownload PDF

-Visualization and Modeling
Presentation on Patterns with Sarah Hatton and Byron Lahey

C. Final Project
-Proposal: RFID Jewelry

Problem Space: RFID tags are currently used by artists in interactive installations and for protypical office and home devices to identify unique individuals. These projects show a great deal of consideration for embeddedness in their environments in true ubiquitous fashion. However, the RFID tags used to identify these individuals are clumsy and unattractive. An example keyfob tag:

Proposal: I would like to embed small flat and glass ampoule RFID tags in attractive resin rings, pendants, and other jewelry that can bring these identification systems closer into alignment with the systems with which they are meant to interact. These systems are highly dependant on the wearability of these tags. Specifically, hand held devices with small, short-range RFID readers would benefit from the tag being located on the hand in a ring as opposed to in a bracelet. As beautiful handmade technological artifacts, I believe these pieces will have commercial value on the online handmade marketplace Etsy. I would model the form of the jewelry in software, rapid prototype for form, make a mold, and cast the items in resin/lucite, embedding the tags while the material is still liquid.
Small glass ampoule tag:

Prior work: RFID bracelets:

RFID bracelet

Design inspiration/precedents by Etsy sellers poolballrings and studiostebbylee:

Work in Progress: Ring Model in Solidworks:


3D print:
3D printed ring


Phoenix Indie Craftorama this Saturday


Local event plug: I’ll be at the Phoenix Indie Craftorama this Saturday from 10-4 representing Craft Magazine (mags, box sets, t-shirts, etc.), and there will be book signings, demos, and crafts for sale and giveaways from all the fantastic craft collectives around Phoenix. The Crafty Chica has organized the whole thing and I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun!

Groups include:
The Phoenix Fridas
The Phoenix Craft Mafia
The AZ Crafty Burritos
Las Bandidas del Arte
Conspire Phoenix
The Purdy Girls
Calaca Cultural Co-op
and me for Craft Magazine

Saturday, April 26th, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.,
Phoenix Duck and Decanter, 1651 E. Camelback Road

LilyPad Embroidery added to Projects, see it in person


I just finished up a first composition using the LilyPad Arduino, entitled “LilyPad Embroidery: A Tribute to Leah Buechley.” Check it out over at the project page, and/or come see it in person this Friday at 7 at the Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, AZ.