Best Gift Ideas for Makers 2022

TS80P USB soldering iron

This mini iron is perfect for anyone who solders (or would like to). Don’t worry whether they have a soldering iron already, this portable USB-powered iron makes a great second iron for your favorite maker’s travel kit.

Subscription to Reinvented Magazine

This magazine is produced by college women in STEM for college women in STEM.

Plastic sheeting

Everybody makes a mess sometimes, and if you already have this stuff around, you’re more likely to use it to protect your work surfaces.

Battery-powered glue gun

I know I’ve recommended this in a previous year but this is a SMALLER ONE and yes, now I have both, and can’t live without either one. Do the crafters in your life a huge favor and gift them this tool.

Waxed canvas tool roll

Whether you make one yourself using my free pattern, or commission one from my shop, all makers can appreciate a portable tool storage solution.

Ham Radio Prep classes – use my code BECKY20 to get 20% off!

Makers love getting licenses, and the hobby of ham radio offers three levels of certification!’s courses make it fun and easy to learn the material and ensure you will pass your exam.

Breadboard wires

Get ’em the good stuff! Every maker has some terrible breadboard wires and would relish the supply (or re-supply) of these premium versions.

Arduino Make Your Uno Kit

The new kit, shown in the video above, includes the circuit board and all the through-hole components you need to build your own Arduino Uno and a synthesizer shield to go with it. This is a great kit for beginners as it starts with a few soldering practice boards and includes massively detailed 3D instructions for each step of the process. I can see this kit helping level a novice from zero to a full-blown maker in a single weekend.

Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror

Make a smart mirror for your fam! Massively impress them with a mirror that has info modules customized to their lifestyle, like public transit times, weather and allergy forecasts, calendar events, and more.

USB flash drive

USB flash drives make great stocking stuffers. These are small and get lost easily, so it’s always great to have an extra. And now that we’ve surpassed Moore’s law, you might be surprised how much cheaper they’ve gotten since the last time you checked.


Nobody doesn’t need a (potentially second or third) multimeter. They’re good for a multitude of things and essential for DIY electronics. There is no such thing as too many multimeters. You can leave one in the car/portable kit if you have an extra.

Surge protector with USB ports

Getting power right to where you need it makes getting to work that much easier, and of course, you need to be able to charge your phone.


Spending your own money on safety can feel like a drag. So gift your favorite maker some respiratory protection! Get the organic vapor type if they like stinky crafts, or the particulate type if they’re more likely to encounter sawdust than paint fumes. Or get whichever kind they don’t already have!

Hakko flush cutters

These have been my favorite wire cutters for as long as I can remember. ‘Nuff said.

Pelican case

When your favorite maker has just splurged on a new piece of expensive equipment, chances are they might not have also purchased a protective case for it. For example, camera and audio gear, drones, and test equipment could all use a good sturdy, waterproof case, especially if the owner likes to travel.

Bench vice

Every household should at least have access to a bench vice, and for more than just maker stuff, too! I use mine to unstick jars and other things around the house, in addition to using it to hold work while grinding, pinch together a press fitting, or perform simple bends.

Stickvice PCB vice

This low-profile PCB vice is fantastic! It pinches your circuit board with adjustable pressure, and you can use the spring-loaded side to easily pop your circuit board in and out of the vice.

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