RJ45 Crimper (Watercolor Speedpaint 05)

I’m back with another illustration of a Patron-requested tool: a BIG CRIMPIN’ RJ45 crimper.

I always use a piece of foamcore wrapped in packing tape as a substrate for my paintings. It’s smart to tape your painting down to limit warping, but this way you can move the painting around while you work to get the best angle. In case you are interested, I’ve made a post cataloging all the supplies I use to create watercolor paintings.

When I’m done painting, I scan it in, touch it up, and upload it to my print shop, in case you are interested in owning a copy of this design. I’ve also made a poster featuring all the tools in this series so far. You can get a discount to my print shop by signing up for my email newsletter or joining my Patreon.

Please enjoy the timelapse and let me know what else I should paint in a comment below.

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