Rode Procaster Microphone Setup for Voiceover Recording

It’s time for a change. What follows is my Rode Procaster mic setup.

For the last decade, the microphone I used for voiceovers was the Zoom H4N, connected to my computer as a USB audio device. It’s been great, don’t get me wrong, but I’m ready to go to the next level with my voiceover recording, so it was time to get a professional quality microphone and the right accessories to bring out its best.

I picked out the Rode Procaster dynamic microphone because, in my research, it would be good for female voiceover recording (me) in places with background noise (pretty much everywhere in NYC). Since I just got it I can’t pass judgment on those factors yet and don’t have its competitors to compare it to, so this isn’t a review– the proof will be heard in my YouTube channel’s voiceover quality, so you be the judge!

Here’s a list of all the bells and whistles that go with a microphone like this, in case you’re looking to create a similar setup yourself.

But that’s not all that’s needed to make this mic work for home recording into a computer…

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Microphone Activator / Preamplifier

In my research, I found that folks had better results with dynamic mics going into a USB audio interface (and ultimately the computer) with the use of a Cloudlifter, which gives the signal a super clean boost. It takes phantom power.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface

This little red box is perfect for voiceover recording, getting great audio into a livestream, recording musical instruments, and much more. I’m using it to provide phantom power to the Cloudlifter and also to listen to headphones.

LyxPro XLR Balanced Microphone Cable (x2, one comes with the Cloudlifter)

With all this equipment dedicated to preserving a clean signal, it would be a shame to lose quality over cabling. Yes, the LyxPro cables are twice as expensive as their standard counterpart, but splurging on an extra cable amounts to a drop in the bucket compared to the whole package.

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