Appearance on RiYL Podcast

Brian Heater interviewed me on his podcast RiYL (Recommended if You Like).

I first met Becky Stern back in 2011, when she appeared on the Engadget Show as a blogger for Make Magazine. At the time, she was showcasing a hoodie capable of turning TVs off an off when zipped. It was pretty standard fare for the maker โ€” a project that explored the cross section of art and fashion. Stern left that gig the following year for a gig at open-source hardware company Adafruit, where she served as the head of wearable electronics. These days, sheโ€™s a content creator at Instructables and Autodesk, while teaching her trade at New Yorkโ€™s School of Visual Arts. We sat down to discuss the state of the maker community, the pluses and minuses of launching a startup and having garbage knees in the era of uncertain health care.

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