RideApart Feature: Riders You Should Know

Riders You Should Know: Becky Stern on RideApart By: Sabrina Giacomini

How do you fiddle with a 1975 Honda CB200? Let Becky show you!

If you’re the hands-on, DIY type of person, here’s a rider and YouTuber you should definitely get to know. Becky Stern is a lovable, craftsy blogger who discovers new ways of doing things and takes you along on her own journey to figuring out how to make things work. She literally has a tutorial for everything on her channel: martinis, a pedal shutter for your camera, a solar USB charger, beaded jewelry, etc. And of course: bike stuff! The best tutorials of all? Learning how to fiddle with a 1975 Honda CB200.

Becky has quite the portfolio of things she modifies and builds from regular household objects, but the project we’re most excited about is obviously her sharp-looking, original CB200. She doesn’t shy away from admitting that she’s on a learning journey to figure out how to properly care for her vintage bike and she shares her learning process with us, giving the notion of tutorial a very different and interesting twist.

From tuning her Honda to fixing a fuel line to replacing the throttle cables and overhauling the motorcycle’s saddle, she takes the viewers through every useful step. If some of her fixes are more specific to the model, others can apply to any bike out there. Just like we have to do the first time we tackle the maintenance of a motorcycle, she learns from books and from the Internet. The only difference is that she puts her learning process on camera for us to learn from. We get to hear her share the wealth of information she has gathered from her readings and from her own experience and we even watch her make mistakes so there’s one less we’re likely to make when we tackle the task ourselves.

When she’s not busy building something or fiddling with her bike, Becky jumps in the saddle, straps a GoPro to her helmet and takes us on a ride with her. Aside from her videos and fun YouTube channel, Becky’s a product manager at Instructables where all her tutorials are featured. She explains that her main goal is to inspire and empower women to take on any project they desire and find satisfaction in making their dreams become reality. Now I feel like I should buy a Honda CB200 like editor Jason did and get my hands a little dirty.

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