Pi Camera Tumblr GIF-Maker

My latest project is a vintage Brownie camera fitted with a Raspberry Pi that captures three photos and uploads a resulting GIF to my Tumblr page.

In my desire to capture more GIFs (and b-roll of using it) and discover the remaining bugs before publishing the tutorial, I took it to Maker Faire NY today, published the Instructable soon after. The project is based on Python code from Lara’s free Raspberry Pi Class on Instructables.

If I hadn’t gone to Maker Faire, all the GIFs for the project would be like this one:

more GIFs after the jump.

Here are some snapshots from the pre-faire paella dinner for makers:

Nice secret handshake, Matt and Mike!

Like mother like son… Anney and Monty

Hi Sophia! Oops, sorry Caleb, I cropped off your head. Let’s try that again:

much better. =D

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