Mexico vlog – Campus Party Mexico 7

This vlog is about my trip to Guadalajara to speak at Campus Party Mexico, an enormous gathering of young folks interested in technology and innovation. It’s not easy to express what a great atmosphere was created by these some 20 thousand people, so it’s a good thing I captured a lot of it on video– thanks to my partner in crime, Smokey.


My talk about documenting your passions online was well received, and afterwards we had a translated meetup and Q&A that was a lot of fun. I was overwhelmed with the warmth and brilliance of the people I met there. I’m very grateful for the kindness and generosity shown to me by all the folks involved in this precious event. I enjoyed practicing my limited Spanish language skills very much. You can watch my talk on the Campus Party YouTube channel, and maybe I’ll make an edit from what Smokey shot as well, though it’s even harder than normal to edit video of yourself when it’s from a public speaking event.

We couldn’t find motorcycles to rent after all, but in the journey of seeking them out stumbled upon a vintage motorcycle shop where we met some amazing people and bikes, where I didn’t take a single picture. We stayed a few days after the event for vacation in Ajijic, a short drive south of Guadalajara.


The house we stayed in doubled as a shooting location for some more braids process and hero shots for the upcoming Instructables braids class I’m writing, and so we just took it easy by the pool and walked around the small town streets and lakeside Malecon. That meant my how-to this week is a simple margarita recipe.


This type of working vacation is really my preference. It’s fun to have a reason to go to a new place and meet a bunch of new people there who are interested in similar things. I get restless with nothing to do, but I’m also limited in how physically active I can be while on vacation.

Have a great weekend!