Muse Headset Teardown

Muse is a brain-sensing headband for assisted meditation. It pairs over Bluetooth with your phone to guide you through a meditation session with real-time feedback on your brain’s activity, followed by some stat tracking that helps you improve your calm over time.

Disassembly revealed a circuit board behind each ear. This side contains the battery and charging circuitry, as well as an opamp and several test points.

The traditional circuit boards are joined to a flex circuit with a sophisticated adjustable metal piece. A small clip extends down to connect to the metal part of the exterior enclosure, which provides contact to the conductive rubber over-ear sensor.

The flex circuit also contains the forehead electrodes.

The other circuit board contains the analog sensing circuitry, microcontroller, and bluetooth module.

The chips we found on the board:

  • PIC24 microcontroller
  • MMA8453 accelerometer
  • OPA4374 quad CMOS opamp
  • MCP6L02 precision opamp
  • RN42 Bluetooth classic module
  • MFi33753959 iOS authentication chip

Originally posted to Adafruit