Levo League Interview – The Makers: How Becky Stern Designs Wearable Electronics


“The Makers: How Becky Stern Designs Wearable Electronics” by Kathleen Harris at Levo League:

Becky Stern is the Director of Wearable Electronics at Adafruit. Each week she publishes a new do-it-yourself craft+tech project tutorial and video and also hosts the YouTube Live show “Wearable Electronics with Becky Stern.” She’s been combining textiles with electronics since 2005, and helps develop the Adafruit FLORA wearable Arduino-compatible product line. She’s been shooting video since age five, and sewing since age eight.

How crucial is design to who we are today?

Becky Stern: Design is about a pathway and goal to make things better in some way. Anything can be designed, from physical objects to processes, and I think it’s crucial for creating positive change.

Where do you get your ideas?

BS: I find inspiration everywhere, but it’s through chatting with colleagues that turns the inspiration into project ideas­­—I really need to talk it out! Since some projects are aesthetically oriented while others are hidden or purely functional, ideas are just as likely to come from streetwear fashion as they are from Sci-Fi and just playing with circuits to see “what if…” I keep a big running list of project ideas and let the most “urgent” ones bubble to the top.