Kryptonite Candy

Using just a few ingredients, I’ll teach you how to make Kryptonite candy that glows under UV light. This project is originally by BrittLiv on Instructables

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Ingredients and Supplies

First gather your ingredients: sugar, electric green food coloring, your favorite flavored oil, and the magic touch, vitamin B2 capsules to make them glow.

To make the candy you’ll also need a stove, pot, candy thermometer, aluminum foil, quartz crystals to make the molds with, and rice to hold up the molds.

Create Molds

Before cooking, prepare your molds by covering the quartz crystals in aluminum foil, then carefully pulling the foil apart, leaving an impression.

You can also make long strips of candy by folding the foil lengthwise and curling up the ends so the candy doesn’t leak out.

Set your molds into the pan of rice to maintain their shape.

Mix and Heat

Dissolve three capsules of vitamin B2 in 150mL of water (5/8 cup), and measure out 1.25 cups of sugar.

Using your candy thermometer, mix in the sugar and B2/water mix until the solution gets to 200 degrees. Then stop mixing and wait for the temperature to reach 300.

Add Color and Pour

Now it’s time to work fast. Add your food coloring and flavoring and quickly stir, then start pouring your molds with a ladle.

Cool and Enjoy

Wait until the candy has solidified, and carefully pull them from the molds.

Congratulations, you’ve made UV sensitive Kryptonite candy. Enjoy!

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