Open Retail

Tonight I’ll be part of a panel discussion at Eyebeam called Open Retail:

Moderated by Dustyn Roberts, Eyebeam

Disscussants: Bre Pettis, MakerBot; Giana González, Hacking Couture; Becky Stern, CRAFT and MAKE Magazines, Sternlab

Using Re:Group exhibited projects MakerBot and Hacking Couture as a point of departure, Open Retail will explore the intersection between the engineering and fashion industries, and the ways in which open source practices are influencing them both. Eyebeam resident artist Dustyn Roberts (engineer and author of the forthcoming book, Making Things Move) will moderate a discussion with Bre Pettis (MakerBot), Giana González (Hacking Couture), and Becky Stern (associate editor for CRAFT and MAKE Magazines, Sternlab), which will consider how newly emerging open hardware licenses might help spur innovation and counteract draconian patent laws, while also building sustainable business practices. Conversely, the lack of copyright in fashion has resulted in an industry focused on branding and closely guarded trade secrets. But how might the absense of copyright (or conversely, open licensing) be turned into a strength rather than a liability in product development?

Open Retail panel
Thursday, July 22 2010 7:30-9pm
Suggested $5-10 donation
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
540 W 21st St. New York, NY
Also live streamed

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