Bike Tube Headband

Learn how to make your own chain-link headband from a busted bicycle inner tube. Upcycled accessories are fun and easy to make. I got this project idea from Britt McMaster, who showed us how to make a chain-link necklace from white leather over on her blog, Continue reading for the headband tutorial.

Gather supplies:

Cut off the tube’s valve stem and slice down one side to open the tube.

Wash out the white powder inside the tube with soap and water. An abrasive sponge may help!

Watch out for goo tubes! If you live in a prickly place, you may have tubes with goo in them. In my experience, it’s not worth it to try to use goo tubes for this project.

Print and cut out the paper/cardboard template.

Trace the template repeatedly along the length of the bike tube.

Cut out each shape until you’ve got a whole pile of “figure eights.”

Fold one shape in half so that the cutouts line up. Insert another shape through the cutouts in the folded shape.

Continue chaining shapes together in this manner until your desired length is achieved.

To create a seamless finish, cut the last folded loop in an inconspicuous spot, thread it through the first loop and sew the cut loop back together.

Originally posted to CRAFT/MAKE.

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