Hemming Pants

If you’re on the shorter side of average, like me, you’ll notice that pants are always too long. Learn one method to hem them in this week’s CRAFT Video! This tutorial is for the beginner; don’t be afraid to make this simple alteration at home. Once you have the confidence to hem your own pants, a new world of style options becomes available to you when shopping for pants. Many brands don’t make a dedicated “short” length, so you’re left with rolled-up cuffs, a trip to the tailor’s, or 20 minutes of time in your sewing room! I know which one I’d prefer. This method works for casual pants and dark wash or solid-color jeans, not dress pants.

Materials and tools:

  • straight pins
  • tailor’s chalk (I actually cheated and used a white conte crayon)
  • scissors
  • ironing board and iron
  • thread to match your pants
  • sewing machine