Fixed Gear Mixer

Fixed Gear Mixer

Materials/Languages: C++

New York City’s cult community of fixed gear bike riders creates events and programs for its members in an ad-hoc, homegrown manner, forming followings for Critical Mass and Time’s Up! (a workshop space and awareness organization). Written in a folky, early computing style, Fixed Gear Mixer is an open source, human-readable program engineered to fall in accordance with the city cyclists’ values.

Fixed Gear Mixer is a simple command line program to make playlists that match the cadence of a cyclist’s ride. Further development of this project would include a DIY instruction set for rigging a sensor to measure your cadence en route; also mobile music player programming could be implemented to live-match tracks from your music collection while you ride.

Two sample run-throughs:

This is an open source project; you may view the code.

Co-authored with Kate Garaufis.

Always exercise caution when wearing headphones while cycling.