Heading West

I’ll be on the road heading to Tempe, Arizona for the next few days with my father, Paul Stern, and cat, Beatrice. We’re leaving from Ashford, CT.

My car

My first Bare-Bones Arduino

Completed board

I just assembled my newly-arrived Bare-Bones Arduino clone, developed by Paul Badger. How great! Not only is it perfect for embedding in projects, but the instructions Paul made to go along with it make it so easy. I wish I had a teacher like him when I was learning the basics of physical computing! I used double-male header pins (graciously given by Mr. Badger) for the digital i/o so that I can plug the BBB into a solderless breadboard or plug stuff in on top. I have three more kits to assemble. This board is much easier to deal with than the NG (that communications chip is really hard to solder), and the Atmegas come pre-bootloaded. The development of this board is a case in point for why open source hardware rocks. Thanks, Paul!

 Flickr set of my board construction

Declarative Lamps Unveiled

After some last minute troubleshooting, Rees and I installed the Declarative Lamps in Kingston, NY’s Peace Park on Friday morning. The official Kingston Sculpture Biennial opening was Saturday, July 7, and will be up through October. Check out the project page for the full story and overview video!

Charlie’s Birthday Surprise

My boss, Charlie, took the day off on Monday for his birthday. Since the computer lab is desolate in the summer, we have a little time and a lot of equipment on our hands. Dave, the head of the lab, made a Max/MSP patch that flashes bright colors and the text “Happy Birthday Charlie” in a random font and location. We piled as many monitors into Charlie’s office as we could and hooked up computers to drive them. When Charlie came in to work on Tuesday, he had a big surprise waiting!

Happy Birthday: Charlie's Office

He loved it!

Happy Birthday: Charlie's Office