Ray-Bans Stories Teardown

Today I’m taking a look inside the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. They’ve got cameras, speakers, microphones, and a whole lot more crammed into these frames. These glasses are particularly interesting because of how small and oddly shaped the electronics must be to fit entirely in the otherwise pretty normal-looking frames. Before I took them apart, I sent them off to be CT scanned by my friends at Lumafield. Taking apart these glasses was not an easy or elegant task. The only screws I was able to remove successfully were the ones holding the arms onto the front of the frames.

Embr Wave 2 Teardown

Today I’m taking a look inside the Embr Wave 2, a wristband that helps with temperature regulation. It’s the only wearable I’ve ever seen with a Peltier cooler in it. Watch the video above to see me try it out, take it apart, and analyze the design and manufacturing of the circuitry inside. Thanks to David Cranor for lending his EE expertise and to Lumafield for the 3D scan. This teardown is sponsored by Digi-Key, where you can pick up supplies and tools for your own electronics projects. Check out this project on their maker.io site.

Muse S Meditation Headband Teardown

Welcome back for another teardown! This time I’m taking apart the Muse S meditation headband. This biofeedback wearable sends sensor data back to the app to help inform the audio experience during its meditation or sleep sessions (iOS/Android). Thanks to David Cranor for lending his EE expertise and to Lumafield for the 3D scan. Tools used in this teardown: You can get supplies for your own teardowns, as well as some of the chips in the Muse, at Digi-Key, my sponsor. Check out this project on their project site Maker.io. As is my routine for teardowns, I reached out to the

Oura Ring Teardown (Gen 3 and Gen 2)

I’m taking a look inside the Oura ring, a fitness tracker that looks like a piece of jewelry. Oura’s tech focuses heavily on sleep tracking, which makes sense to me since it’s way more comfortable than any wristband I’ve tried. It’s so teeny, and waterproof, I’m super curious about what’s inside. I set out to take apart both a Gen 2 and a Gen 3 Oura ring, as well as one charging base. I anticipated having trouble getting to see the actual circuit board up close, so before cracking at them with cutting tools, I sent them off to be

Amazon Halo Band Teardown

Welcome back for another gadget teardown. This time we’re taking a look at the Amazon Halo Band, a fitness tracker that also provides tone of voice analysis. I teamed up with David Cranor and Vanessa Hill/Braincraft on this one! I also have txyz.info on Hackaday.io to thank for all the reverse engineering in their own, more thorough teardown. Thanks to Digi-Key for sponsoring this video! Here’s a list of tools we used: Flush diagonal cutters Microscope with LED ring light Tweezers

Pavlok Teardown

Welcome to the new teardown series on my channel, where I take apart gadgets and share what I find inside. First up is the Pavlok, a shocking wearable designed to help you break bad habits. The Pavlok comes with the main device itself, as well as two silicone wristbands. The Pavlok pairs over bluetooth with your phone to control the settings through an app, which is also designed to keep you motivated to use the device in the most effective way possible. You can deliver an electric shock to yourself via the app or by pressing the top of the

Motorcycle Seat pt. 1: Teardown

Welcome to a new series about my new custom motorcycle seat! In this first episode, I take the old seat apart and begin to remove the rust from the seat pan by soaking it in apple cider vinegar. Check out the whole motorcycle seat series