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Scarf Rly

I made a scarf, as per Justin’s request, with two of the O Rly owls. I’ve also included the knitting chart so you can make it yourself. – Link.

3 thoughts on “Scarf Rly added to projects

  1. Hi there. My husband has expressed an interest in this scarf. He likes the deconstructed look that you (unintentionally?) created with whatever intarsia method you used. Can you explain it in a little more detail? When you say knit 1 purl 1, are you referring to alternating rows? How did you carry the yarn? Cn I see tha back?


  2. The scarf is knit in a knit 1, purl 1 pattern (one stitch ribbing), so that it looks the same on both sides. You can see that in the non- image part of the scarf. When it comes to carrying the yarn, I carried the extra strands behind the knit stitches and in front of the purl stitches, sort of sandwiching the carried through strands so you can’t see them. However, this makes the image not stretchy. I’ve been informed that a technique called “double knitting” (scroll down on the page) would be more appropriate for this project, and upon investigation I totally agree. It would make stretchy double sided patterning with no width distortion. Does that help? I already mailed the scarf to Justin, but it looks the same on the back, the image is just mirrored.

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